-Sanatana Gosvami manifested the Madana-mohana Deity.
-Tulasidasa says that it is very easy to get God in Kali-yuga.
-In Kali-yuga, just chant the holy names.
-There are rules for chanting mantras and doing puja, but not for the holy names.
-Hanuman crossed the ocean chanting the holy names.
-Lord Rama could not float the stones He threw into the sea.
-In the Kali-Santarana Upanishad there is an explanation of what the Kali-yuga mantra is: Hare Krishna maha-mantra.
-Sanatana Gosvami sat on the banks of the Yamuna and chanted 1000 of the holy names every day.
-Story of a faithful devotee of Lord Shiva who asked for some money to marry his daughter and Lord Shiva sent him to ask Sanatana Gosvami.
-’Ananda’ is the word that has no antonym.
-Sri Parvati asks Sri Shiva about his realisation.
-Hari-bhajana is the only truth.
-There is no difference between Rama and Krishna, They are the same Bhagavan.
-The beauty of Madana-mohana form of Krishna.
-Lord Shiva wants to see the Mohini form of Krishna.
-Kamadeva is fighting with Krishna Madana-mohana.
-If you want something, ask the boss’s wife, Radha is more merciful than Krishna.
-Using one’s money for one’s own enjoyment has no benefit at the time of death, but the holy names go with us.
-Today we are going to a free gym. Chant the holy names so that maya does not make you dance.


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