-By talking to God so much, one day God will talk to you.
-In this world, by talking to someone so much, we get to know them and develop a relationship.
-How do you unite with God in a relationship? Singing the holy names
-The fruit of karma is suffering and happiness.
-You do your actions, but Bhagavan bears the fruit.
-Chant the holy names. Bhagavan will protect us.
-Tulasidasa says: Sita Ram Sita Ram Sita Ram Kahie…
-You don’t have to leave your family or your work, but with the mouth that God has given you, chant the holy names.
-When you get the power of Lord Rama, everything you touch will succeed, it is 500%, 1000% guaranteed.
-We are the family of the Lord.
-All of you are not from here, from any country in the world, all of you are from Goloka Vrindavana.
-How do you get to Vrindavana? Chanting the holy names
-Don’t leave the family, give everything to Krishna, chant the holy names.


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