-The story of how a man was killed by a tiger because of a desire-fulfilling tree
-First do guru-seva, because it is equal to bhagavat-seva
-The story of Ekadashi-devi’s appearance (demon Mura)
-On Ekadashi, chant more rounds of the holy names
-Do not ring the temple bell on the day of Ekadashi so as not to provoke anyone to break their vrata
-Parashurama and Ramachandra meet during a bow-pulling ceremony at Janaki Maharaj’s palace (briefly)
-The story of how Ramachandra failed to help a woman on the night she was unjustly rejected by her husband
-The importance of completing Ekadashi correctly, as an improperly completed Ekadashi will not bear fruit
-Do not eat grains on Ekadashi and do not feed them to others, as they contain the greatest sins on this day
-Ekadashi-related meaning of ‘upavasa’


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