-People are not interested in bhagavat-katha, only in mundane talks
-Obstacles to bhajana
-Types of mukti
-The story of Narada Rishi’s attempt to realise the glory of sat-sanga (bumblebee, cuckoo bird, infant)
-The story of the Akbar King who felt happiness while passing the stool
-The variety of life forms that humans have gone through
-Lila of the frog, who was bleeding but did not ask Ramachandra for help
-Attachment is the cause of bondage
-Bhajana in old age is almost impossible
-Sudama Vipra katha (in brief)
-2 reasons why Krishna did not take food at Duryodhana’s
-Krishna accepts the mood of devotees (example of Vidura’s wife)
-Bharata Maharaja katha
-Tomorrow is Ekadashi. Please follow it
-How to follow Ekadashi


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