-The Lord performs human-like lilas
-Anugrahaya bhaktanam sloka discussion
-Indrajalika-lilas (illusionary) lilas of Bhagavan
-Lila of Krishna giving His flute to Madhumangala
-The rasa-lila description
-The effects of listening to rasa-lila, kama-vijaya-lila
-Narada Rishi and Lord Shiva could not defeat lust
-Do not even think of copying God
-Immersion in Krishna. Examples of Kamsa, Shishupala
-The Lord cannot be controlled with vaidhi-bhakti
-The gopis are so much absorbed in krishna-lila and krishna-katha
-Lord Ramachandra promises the ladies of Ayodhya to accept them as the gopis in krishna-lila


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