Part 1

-Hari-katha is very powerful
-Viveka-shunya-prema, vishrambha-prema and utkantha-mayi-prema
-The story of how the Guru showed his disciple what utkantha means
-If you do not listen to hari-katha, all your efforts go to waste
-Mahaprabhu meets Rupa Gosvami in Jagannatha Puri
-Ekalavya is an example of a tamasika disciple
-Karna is an example of a rajasika disciple
-Never lie in front of a guru, a doctor and parents
-Bhishma Pitamah is an example of a sattvika disciple
-Arunik and Upamanya are examples of nirguna disciples
-Sukriti means ‘beautiful work’
-Feeding someone prasada is a powerful way to accumulate sukriti
-The devotee of the Lord can never be defeated
–The story of the sadhu who danced for the joy of receiving the Lord’s darshana after many lifetimes
-The story of the disciple who ate poisonous leaves in the forest to survive
-The story of the disciple who wanted to cut off the feet of his Gurudeva

Part 2


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