-The place of beautiful champaka flowers, where all the sakhis collect them
-Beautiful pastimes of Caitanya Mahaprabhu happened here
-The mood of separation described in Gita-govinda
-Jayadeva Gosvami is completely renounced yet experiencing these deep moods
-Krishna is controlled by his lovers
-About Gita-govinda and the 4 types of roles played by Krsna, 8 played by Radharani
-We must listen about Gita-govinda from uttama-maha-bhagavata, and the heart must be very soft and pure to understand these rare, deep confidential granthas
-4 moods of meeting, 4 moods of separation
-How Jayadeva Gosvami was trying to write the story of Krsna as Supreme Personality of Godhead, taking the lotus feet of Radharani upon his head to help dispel her transcendental anger, mana, but could not finish it, then Krsna Himself wrote it
-Two scriptures were placed on the chest of the Jagannatha deity, Gita-govinda of Jayadeva Goswvmi and one of envious scholars- Gita-govinda was kept there by morning, and the other one was tossed on the ground
-Pastime of Mahaprabhu, who hears a lady singing Gita-govinda in the garden, follows her in transcendental ecstasy and is stopped by his servant Govinda


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