-We visited Chand Khazi samadhi today (Kamsa in his past life)
-If there is everything in Navadvipa, then why go to Vrindavana
-Navadvipa makes us qualified for Vrindavana
-Be one-pointed to Mahaprabhu
-Virya-rasa of Krishna in Mathura (Chanura, Mushtika, Jarasandha)
-Relocation of Mathura to Dvaraka
-Jarasandha is Hussain Shah in chaitanya-lila
-Killing the cows is not nice
-Types of sannyasas
-5 things forbidden in Kali-yuga
-Chand Khazi surrenders to the lotus feet of Mahaprabhu
-Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is dhanya-kali-avatara
-01:10:00 – Question: Why Navadvipa-dhama is better than Vrindavana-dhama?


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