Hindi: https://www.facebook.com/vanamadhuryamofficial/videos/217345407488039
English translation:
-Deva-pali is the other name for Nrisimha-pali as all the demigods used to gather here
-Jayadeva Gosvami glorifies Lord Nrisimhadeva
-Lord Nrisimhadev is a lotus and Hiranyakashipu is a black bumblebee. Contrary to logic, the lotus is tearing apart the black bumblebee
-Jaya-Vijaya katha
-Lila of Sridama, Krishna and Srimati Radhika cursing each other to come to the material world. A hostility between snakes and peacocks
-A true marriage is one that is made with a fire sacrifice and an offering to a brahmanа
-3 things the gopis always want to see in Krishna: three-bend form, peacock feather and flute
-Lakshmi-devi takes the form of a golden line on Krishna’s chest
-Never judge a Vaishnava for the anger he has shown. Otherwise, you will commit vaishnava-aparadha and be away from the world of bhakti
-Never see a Vaishnava as a mere mundane personality


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