-No one can stay in Vrindavana without the mercy of Srimati Radhika
-Vrndavanam sakhi bhuvo vitanoti kirtim sloka discussion
-The signs on Radha-Krishna’s feet
-The power of Krishna’s darshana and His flute’s sound
-Clean the temple of your heart so that Krishna can stay there
-Anyera hrdaya — mana, mora mana — vrndavana sloka discussion
-Ceto darpana marjanam sloka discussion
-Only bhakti-yoga can clean our heart
-The limbs of bhakti
-The holy names are the process and the goal at hte same time
-The 4 places where Kali resides
-Follow 4 principles and your life will be pavitra (clean)
-Whatever you eat, offer it first to Krishna
-Chant harinama regularly in any circumstances; beware of 10 nama-aparadhas


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