-Question: How to transfer karma-yoga into bhakti-yoga?
-Dhruva Maharaja is sakama-bhakta, he is doing karma-yoga
-Anabhilashita shunyam sloka discussion
-Sambandhatmika-bhakti and kamatmika-bhakti
-Bhakti is servital mood
-Kriyatmika and bhavatmika
-Bhakti-yoga is the highest among yogas
-The meaning of sanga; always follow the steps of a sadhu (sadhu charana-dhuli)
-3 priniples to attaing highest prema: bhakta-pada-dhuli (footdust of the pure devotee of the Lord); bhakta-pada-jala (the water that washed the feet of the pure devotee) and bhakta-bhukta-shesha (the remnants of the prasada taken by the pure devotee)
-Try to understand the heart of your guru. What from the outside may appear as disobedience to the Guru is actually the desire of his heart (example of Srila BS Sarasvati Prabhupada whom Srila Gaurakisora dasa Babaji did not recommend to build a temple in Kolkata, still he did)
-Visvasa (firm faith) is the foundation of bhakti
-The importance of guru-vakya-visvasa (firm faith in Guru’s words)
-Lila on how Radharani manifested mana and Krishna praised the good fortune of the wind that can play with Srimati Radhika’s clothes


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