-On enthusiasm in bhakti
-Bhakti-devi tolerates everything except aparadhas
-You have bhakti because you gave up your laziness and craziness and chase after Guru and Vaishnavas. You are always in the warning walk, mangala-arati, etc
-Asat-sanga destroys enthusiasm in bhakti
-All you are the recipients of Gurudeva’s mercy
-Mahaprabhu had great respect for Advaita Acharya because Madhavendra Puri was the guru of Advaita and the guru of Ishvara Puri who was the guru of Mahaprabhu
-Lila about how Advaita Acharya played up a mayavadi of himself, eager to receive Mahaprabhu’s merciful chastisement
-Sometimes pure devotees play the role of a mayavadi (Shankara Shiva)
-Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is Krishna and is chanting His own names
-Nanda Maharaja and other Vrajavasis never believe that Krishna is Bhagavan
-Bhagavan is free from 18 faults
-Krishna’s lila when he threatened Yashoda’s mother that He would not return home from cow grazing as she did not believe him that he was not stealing butter from the gopis’ houses
-Sometimes in viraha-dasha Nanda Maharaja thinks that Krishna is Bhagavan
-The meaning of Lakshmipati
-A house where sadhus, gurus and Vaishnavas are received and where hari-katha is heard becomes a maha-tirtha, and if not, such a house is a cemetery or a snake hole, even if it is full of luxury
-The pastime of when Advaita Acharya dreamed that Mahaprabhu would come to his house to take prasadа and Yogamaya arranged everything for it
-One who chants the holy names is higher than samavedi brahmana
-Lila, when Advaita Acharya fed prasadа first to Haridasа Thakurа, and only then to the brahmanas


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