-We should respect all vaishnavas & honour them.
-Effects of disrespecting vaishnavas.
-Respect all jivas as Krsna is in all living entities.
-Satyavarata Muni prayers of paying obeisances to Lord & saying he don’t want liberation
& hankers for darshan of Lord Krsna’s beautiful form
-Baddha-jivas want peace & happiness but don’t get it.
-Jiva wanders in this samsara like a blinded ox going around in a circle.
-Hari-bhajan is the only difference between animals & humans.
-4 types of animals to which humans are compared if hari-bhajan isn’t practised or done by humans.
-3 definitions of mukti.
-Bhagavan’s abode is full of bliss & you don’t experience any distress.
-Soul also has senses. Material body & Subtle body covers the soul.
-By doing bhajan both gross body & subtle body will fall down & spiritual form will manifest.
-According to the soul’s inherent rasa one will serve Bhagavan.
-Without gopis body you cannot serve Srimati Radharani.
-Suka-aishvarya uttara (Advaitavadis want) & prema-seva uttara.
-Vaidhi-bhakti & ragunaga-bhakti.
-Satyavarata Muni goes from dasya to sakhya & then to vatsalya & madhurya.
-How can one get greed?
-Importance of listening to hari-katha & getting taste in hari-katha.


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