– 4 kinds of Damodara; – Damodarastakam: first sloka; – beginning with a mangalacharam (namamisvaram); – how the number one is essential (comparison to Lord Krsna); – Krsna is the origin of all avataras; – analysis of the characteristics of the rasas (shanta has nistha, dasya has seva vrtti etc); – the difference between gaudiya vaisnava`s Deity worship and advaita vadi`s Deity worship: they don`t accept the transcendental form of Lord; – Maya sakti is always far from Lord because she is ashamed of illuding/punishing the jivas); – how is this material life: like a fire in the well; – the special opportunity that Krsna`s earrings attain: why they are makara-shaped and how they continuously kiss Krsna; – when sastra speaks about lust (in madhurya-rasa), understand it as prema; – example of the harm in excessive love (cow licking its calf); – story of the boy with his mother in a picnic; – Krsna`s face is like a net; – rupa madhurya and venu madhurya are the most important attributes of Krsna; – condition of the cows of Vrndavana after listening to the sound of Krsna`s flute; – Bilvamangala doens`t want his eye-sight back (if you see Krsna, you don`t want to see anything else in this world); – what should you keep in your Facebook; – were the manjaris invited to and present at the rasa-lila or not? (logic of the person who is holding the umbrella for the king).

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