Part 1

-Yudhishthira Maharaj is Haridasa
-Titikshava of Yudhishthira Maharaj is exceptional
-Yudhishthira Maharaj never called Duryodhana by his name
-Narada-Yudhishthira samvada
-Glories of grihasthas. Grihasthas vs grihamedhis
-The oppression of Duryodhana and Shakuni to Pandavas
-Draupadi is not an ordinary woman. Draupadi asks Yudhishthira as why he put her
-Sadhus are neutral. They should not take anyone’s part
-Draupadi asks Yudhishthira Maharaj why he put her on the stake
-Ramachandra asks Agni devata to help Him relish viraha-rasa by taking His wife Sita-devi to Parvati-devi. Even Lakshmana did not know about that
-Service of Giriraj Govardhana to Krishna is incomparable
-Gurudeva did not allow to call Giriraja Girirani

Part 2

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