-One has to meditate On Bhagavan to attain Him.
-How Premik bhakta behaves on hearing things related to Bhagavan
-Lila of Gopi churning butter in Brahma Muhurtha & calling Krishna.
-Krishna goes when His devotee calls.
-api cet su-duracaro Bhagavad Gita sloka.
-Bhagavan’s love many times more than parents.
-One cann’t repay mother’s debt.Story of a boy serving his mother for 1 day.
-Story of a mother giving heart to son for his girlfriend.
-Krishna’s age at vastraharan lila(6),Govardhan dharan lila(7),rasa lila(8 years)
-Mainly 2 types Saradiya rasa & vasantik rasa
-How Janak Puri ladies in Rama Lila became gopis in Krishna lila.
-How Svarna Sita in Rama Lila became gopis in Krishna lila.
-Krishna only accepts Gopa jati & Laxmi devis tapasya going on.
-Take birth in Gopis womb & By Nitya siddha sanga anurag towards Krishna comes.
-Gopis one pointedness while running to Krishna hearing His vamsi.
-How some gopis have been locked by family & yoga maya’s arrangement for them & other gopis.
-Driving away ghosts with mantra.
-By Nitya Siddha Sanga Prema manifests. Seva is Prema & parama dharma
-Effects of Gopis meditation(avestha) on Krishna.
-Lila of Krishna roaming as gopi with a gopa.

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