-When good fortune arises one hears Hari Katha from sadhu.
-Dukhalayam asasvatam.
-Real happiness & message of guru,vaishnavas.
-Vaishnavas are messengers from Vaikuntha
-In Gita Bhagavan says become My devotee , do pranam to Me.
-Bhagavan also in my heart but couldn’t see Him.
-Im not the body but soul.
-About good & bad karma results.
-To see Bhagavan you have to hear Hari Katha. Eg:Ghee formation process.
-Bhagavan manifests in place where Hari Katha will be there.
-Lila of Krishna hearing HariKatha from Rohini devi & showing Jagannatha form.
-Why does sleep come in HariKatha?
-Krishna as butter thief.
-Srila BhaktiVinod Thakur says how long you will sleep in the lap of maya.
-Take this medicine of Hari Naam & go back.
-HariNaam is the boat & Srila Gurudev is captain.
-Kirtan vs chanting.No diff b/w Bhagavan & Holy Name.
-You have to be onepointed towards Krishna.
-HariNaam is chintamani.
-By Navadvipa dham’s mercy you can go to Vrindavan

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