-Cintamani is higher than the touchstone
-Holy name is higher than Sri Hari
-Peculiarity of Kali-yuga
-2 activities of people during the day and the night
-Ravana, Vibhushana and Kumbhakarna
-Modes of nature influence us during a day
-Sing Gurvashtakam every day, then you’ll reach Goloka Vrindavana
-Story of a brahmana getting a touchstone
-We should reflect upon spiritual things just like Newton reflected upon the falling apple
-Harinama is sadhana and sadhya
-The Lord deals with us like a mother who offers a baby a dummy, but we must be persistent in demanding His attention
-Why newborn baby is crying
-Story of a young woman who asks her mother to be woken up when she goes into the baby’s birth
-Lila of Brahma resigning his job

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