-Mahaprabhu is matri-bhakta-shiromani. He teaches us how to love mother
-When you love someone you worry about him always and get angry if he neglects you
-Why Lakshman did not take his wife Urmila to the forest
-Story of a donkey and a dog who decide to swap lives with each other. Do your duties according to your eligibility
-Еveryone reaps the fruits of their previous karma
-Yudhishthira Maharaj cursed Kunti that all women would not be able to keep secrets (the example of mercury, which the body cannot keep in)
-Baladeva Prabhu always follows Krishna
-Until the age of 5 do not punish your child, from 5 to 15 educate him/her, after 15 be a friend and after 20 give him/her complete freedom
-Krodha, mana-abhasa, premera-abhasa. shuddha-prema
-Krishna does not allow Satyabhama to manifest mana
-Mahaprabhu laughs at Lakshmi-devi’s anger
-4 weapons in parakiya


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