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12/09/21midday – Power of Harinama – Brazil

-We are very close to Radhashtami-Radha is called Radha since She brings pleasure to Krishna-Sri in Srimad-Bhagavatam means Radha-Krishna is sarva-avatari, Radha is sarva-avatarini-Do simple short (mo more than 10 min) dramas, do not speculate. Then everybody will be happy-Why people get...

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07/09/21am – Gurudeva is our protector – Brazil

-It’s not a problem if you have a small house. The important thing is that you have a big heart. Example of Duryodhana and Vidura/Vidurani-On dualism and Shankaracharya-Guru helps turn maya-seva-vasana into Krishna-seva-vasana-The Lord possesses acintya-shakti-Offences to lotus feet of...

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11/08/21am – Bhajana-rahasya – Mexico

-4 types of anarthas-Maya creates illusion and people think they are not soul but body-4 most prominent types of offences-Nama-aparadhas-Duskriti-utha anarthas, sukriti-utha anarthas, bhakti-utha anarthas, aparadha-uddha anartha-Story of a busy manager who denied to have darshana of Srila...

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25/07/21am – Kuru dynasty (Hindi) – Delhi

Part 1 -Meaning of Vyasa Pooja & Vyasa.-Vyasadev is Shakti aveha avatar of Krishna.-Anandamaya Bhagavath Katha vs Dukhmaya samsara Katha.-Vyasadev manifested Bhagavath Katha.-Ajnabha varsha & Bharata varsha as names of this earth.-Santanu Maharaj marrying Ganga devi & giving...

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