-Mahaprabhu gave instruction in Kali-yuga, the age of quarrels and innumerable faults, to loudly chant the holy names
-Тhe sieve reproaches the needle for the hole – do not criticise, do not notice other’s faults, just chant the holy names
-Avoid vaishnava-aparadha (Srila Rupa Gosvami – Kanja Krishnadasa katha, Saubari Rishi – Garuda katha)
-Never give up guru and never give up harinama
-If Krishna is not pleased with you, Guru can protect you, but if Guru is not pleased with you, Krishna will not protect you
-First do guru-puja, then krishna-puja
-Always put guru’s instructions on your head
-Genuine guru-puja is about following his instructions
-The story of how a disciple wanted to cut off his Gurudeva’s feet
-Vapu-seva, vani-seva; brihad-mridanga-seva
-Preach and follow yourself
-Do not tell that you are not qualified to preach. If you practise and preach, then Guru’s mercy will come and you will be able to preach


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