-Gita Govinda is the favourite song of Lord Jagannatha.
-Lila of Jagannatha Svami accepting Jayadeva gosvami’s Gita-Govinda & rejecting Panditas version.
-Jagannatha Svami chases behind those who sing Gita Govindam.
-Lila of Jagannatha Svami chasing behind a young girl singing Gita Govindam & returning back at mangala arati quickly thereby scattering ornaments,pitambhara.
-Lila of Jagannatha saving the poojari from the theft accusation by coming in the king’s dream & revealing the reason for scattered ornaments.
-Devadasis sing this song daily for Jagannatha as a tradition.
-If you want to please Jagannatha sing Gita-Govindam daily.
-Mahaprabhu’s favourite song is Gita Govindam.
-Svaroopa Damodar & Raya Ramananda singing the songs for Mahaprabhu in viraha.
-Lila of Mahaprabhu chasing behind a young girl singing Gita Govindam on His way to Tota-Gopinatha temple.
-Mahaprabhu’s servant Govinda uttering the word stri & Mahaprabhu stopped chasing.
-In Jagannatha Puri 2 viraha-murti . Jagannatha & Mahaprabhu.
-Mahaprabhu sees Jagannatha as son of Nanda Maharaj but not as deity.
-Human life is meant for devotional service.
-Mahaprabhu says to Sanatana Gosvami that the human body is meant to attain Lord.


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