-About 2 kinds of bhajan: Gosthanandi & Bhajananandi.
-About Six Gosvamis bhajan & their daily routine.
-Trees in Vrindavan are eternal associates of Radha Krsna chanting Their names.
-Srimati Radhika & Krsna don’t want to step out of Vrindavan even one step.
-Description of beautiful transcendental Vrindavan with chintamani stones,Kalpavriksha,Kamadhenu,nectarian water.
-All the consorts of Lord Narayana used to come to Vrindavan & sweep in Vrindavan.
-Krsna disappeared from rasa dance & all gopis felt viraha & assembled on banks of Yamuna & glorified sweet pastimes of Krsna.
-Srila BhaktiSiddhanta Sarasvatipad as a gosthanandi establishing Gaudiya Matha.
-What is sukriti & how is it obtained?
-Serve guru,vaishnava then our sukriti will accumulate & taste will come.
-Guru,vaishnavas are real friends giving the medicine of hari-nama to all.
-Srila Svami maharaj preached all over the world to chant holy-names.
-First chant holy-names as it has mystic power & you will get inspired to further advance to have sadhu-sanga & take Gayatri-mantra,Gopala-mantra.
-Ajamila’s sins got destroyed due to chanting of namabhasa.
-3 main things needed for spiritual life:temple,spiritual master,sastras.
-Gosvamis books are law books giving rules & regulations how to do bhajan-sadhan.
-If you stay alone Gita-samsara will come & Gita-samsara katha.
-Sadhu-sanga means listening to hari-katha.
-Stay together , chant holy-names , read sastras & do glorification of Krsna.


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