-Radha-Govinda deities are manifested by Rupa Gosvami
-Mahaprabhu’s prediction that His Name will be spread everywhere.
-In kali yuga Hari Naam is the only way to attain Lord.
-Mahaprabhu’s instructions to 6 goswamis.
1)Recover Lila patimes 2)manifest vigraha 3)Preach vidhi marg & raag marg. 4)manifest books & on suddha sadachar.
-Importance of vidhi marg & following rules & regulations.
-First take shelter of lotus feet of Guru.Then diksha , shiksha , vishrambhena seva.
-Sastras knowledge essential for advancement in spiritual life.
-Serve lotus feet of guru with intimacy.
-Prahlada Maharaj said rendering service to lotus feet of guru is topmost (Guru shushrushaya sloka).
-Guru bhakti is the backbone of our bhajan & sadhan.
-Complexity of Vedanta Sutra/Vedanta darshan.
-Story of Srila Shankaracharya with his disciple Giri/Govinda explaining the complexities of Vedanta sutra due to his guru seva but not other intellectual disciples.
-Serve guru without duplicity & hypocrisy.
-Tamasic , Rajasic , Sattvik & Nirguna guru sevak.
-Tamasic guru sevak Eg: Ekalavya with Dronacharya story.
-Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati wrote in his article that Hiranyadhanu’s son Ekalavya was not a devotee
-Guru will give everything towards his sattvic disciple. Importance of neat & clean to accept what guru gave. Upadeshamrita 1st sloka.
-Rajasic guru sevak Eg:Karna with his guru Parasurama story.
-Sattvic guru sevak Eg:Bhishma Pitamaha with his guru Parasurama.
-Nirguna sevak is highest & all our goswamis are examples for this.

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