– Can we chant holy names while listening to harikatha (even recorded katha)? Can we chant holy names while reading grantha? – Pralambhasura katha; – Some people (demons) criticize guru on his back, but behave very sweetly in front of him. Guru knows this and stil (externally) gives them love and affection. Why? Because Guru has the hope to change this person’s heart by giving his love and affection. (Example of Baladeva Prabhu’s relationship with Duryodhana, and Nityananda prabhu’s with Jagai and Madhai.); – Guru is never angry with mundane people (only with the devotees, actually giving them mercy); – Lila of Nityananda Prabhu taking Mahaprabhu to take prasada on Ekadasi at the house of the dari sannyasi; – Your mind is disturbed probably because you have been eating food from materialists (ex: when you are at the airport); – Importance of offering the food you eat; – Ahara suddha: we (even non-devotees) should only eat food in the mode of goodness. Practical example of the effects of the pure veg diet of the Prime Minister of India, Modi. – Can we eat food cooked by offender “devotees”? Yes, because when offering, Krishna purifies it (but try to avoid it); – Lord only accepts the food of one who chants with attention and/or one lakh (laksa-pati); – At least chant a few rounds in the morning after waking up; – After Nitai took prasadam at the house of the dari sannyasi, actually they completely surrendered to the lotus feet of Gaura Nityananda; – How can an offender (to the lotus feet of sadhu) be redeemed and forgiven?

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