Playlist - Brazil 2020

30/12/2020pm – Lila of Ramachandra having to reject Laksman – Brazil

– Lila of Ramachandra having to reject Laksman – If you are alive, you need to preach and spread the Mahaprabhu’s message; – Traveling to preach in spite of the pandemic situation; – Srila Narayana told that 3 things should never stop (preaching, publishing books and parikrama, 3 “ps”); – If there are complaints, it means that your preaching is successful (you cannot please everybody); – Importance of pranipata, pariprasna and seva (surrender, ask questions and service); – The nature of the jiva is to serve Lord (seva vrtti); – What is vapu seva and vani seva (serve physically Gurudeva and spread the Guru’s message); – Harikatha is more powerful than an atomic bomb; – Listening to harikatha is a service to Lord; – Mahaprabhu asked Haridas Thakur how the trees and animals will be liberated from this material world (they will be, if they listen harikatha and harinama); – Lakshman is the example of a perfect sevaka (he is the best servant of Ramachandra); – We need to pay attention to the harikatha (don’t use your mobile during harikatha). Those who are in the harikatha, but are not paying attention are very unfortunate. Krishna will be very please if you listen harikatha, because even He wants to listen about His pastimes; – Lakshmana during 14 years did not eat, not sleep nor did he see the face of any lady; – Story about when Kala went to the palace of Ramachandra and, because Lakshmana interrupted their conversation, Ramachandra had to kill Lakshman; – 5 instructions of Niti Sastra (don’t speak when angry, don’t promise something to your beloved that you can’t fulfill, don’t tell the source of your income and don’t marry the person you love); – Some people say that Krsna did not marry Srimati Radhika exactly because He loves Her; – 3 faces of the loved and beloved (moon, midday sun and vulcano); Before marriage, the couple treats each other very much differently than after marriage (getting married kills the love) – waiting for each other and promising to cook; – What Hanuman said to save Lakshmana (if you reject someone who loves you, this feels like death to him); – How Ramachandra ended His pastimes in this world after He had to reject Laksman (Hanuman stayed in the material world after Ramachandra had departed, just like Uddhava had to stay as well); – About the puspanjali to Srila Narayana Gosvami Maharaja in the Centennial Magazine.

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30/12/20 – Enjoyment Tendency of Demigods (morning darshan) – Brazil

– Urvashi cursed Arjuna to lose his manhood – Subhadra kidnaps Arjuna as per Krishna’s desire – Krishna did not kidnap Rukmini since she fully surrendered to Him – Are there any aparadhas in Svargaloka? – Story of the king Nahusha – If you eat too much delicious food, then it will be very difficult to control your sex life – Story of Candra and Indra attracted to Ahilya, the wife of Gautama Rishi – Immaculate conception: examples from the Vedas – Amba promises to get revenge on Bhishma Pitamah for not marrying her – How Lakshman cut off Shurpanakha’s nose and ears if he could not see her face?

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30/12/20 – Unbridled Kripa of Caitanya Mahaprabhu – Brazil

– The mercy of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu is called nirankusha kripa – Mahaprabhu’s mercy is like rain that falls everywhere. He pours it onto His intimate associates, those who are close to Him and those who are far from Him – Sri Gaurasundara’s mercy chases behind 6 types of people who do not want to accept it – Responsibilities of Srila BV Vana Maharaja as IGVT president – If you cannot go to Gurudev’s (Srila Narayana Gosvami Maharaja) Navadvipa-parikarama, please, support it financially and make sure you give money in the right hands

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29/12/20pm – Laksman’s Ideal Service Mood – Brazil

– Tad viddhi pranipatena (Bhagavad Gita 4.34); – Importance of sastra jnana and tattva siddhanta; – Importance of pranipata, pariprasna and seva; – Don’t ask mundane things to guru, ask spiritual things; – Who is happy in these material world? (example of the water of the ocean); – Example of the deer running behind the mirage; – Every day you serve your body (example of the bird in the cage); – Food for the soul is harikatha; – How to serve Lord? Without any cause; – Laksaman served Ramacandra 14 years without sleeping, eating and without seeing the face of any lady (that’s why he was able to kill Indrajit); – The service mood of Laksman is the best; – Story of Surpanakha (Ramacandra accepts Surpanakha only in Dwapara-yuga as Kubja); – If you have darshan of Lord without having prema, then your lust and anger will increase (ex: Surpanakha and Duryodhana); – In India if you say to one stranger lady that you love her, maybe she will slap you; – How did Laksman cut Surpanakha’s nose and ears without seeing her face?; – Ramacandra-lila is the foundation of our spiritual life; – Ramacandra appears in the form of Krsna (Caitanya Mahaprabhu) and Laksman appears in the form of Baladeva Prabhu (Nityananda Prabhu); – Story of when Ramacandra needed to kill Laksman because of the lila with Kala and Durvasa Rsi (and Hanuman gave an evidence of sastra to help solving the dilemma); – The best Ramayana series was the one made by Ramananda Sagar (watch it!); – Where was Surpanakha until she reappeared as Kubja?; – Why did Lord Rama order Laksman to cut off the ears and nose of Surpanakha? – Laksman doesn’t want to come as the younger brother anymore;

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29/12/20 – Definition of Diksa PART 2. Surrender

– Diksa-kale bhakta kare atma samarpana (CC Antya lila 4.192); – The body becomes transcendental (example of the snake changing its skin); – Example of heating a piece of iron in the fire; – About surrender and its symptoms; – Proverb: an old bamboo cannot be bent, otherwise it will break. – The elements of atma nivedanam: samprarthatmika, dainyavodhika, lalasamayi – Ability to acquire knowledge depends on previous life

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29/12/20 – Morning Walk – Definition of Diksa – Brazil

– Definition of diksa (paramarthik and anusthaniki diksa); – How can we develop since sraddha; – Paramarthiki diksa: bhagavatiya and pancharatriki; – Bhava dasa: the divya jñana converts into bhava; – Kunja seva, nikunja seva and nibhrita nikunja; – Ahamgraha upasana: never think that you are a mother or father of Krishna, serve Him under the guidance of Nanda and Yashoda – Just as a serpent sheds its skin, the sadhaka, as his spiritual life develops, will acquire a transcendental body – Story of the “uro khoi govindaya namah” (offering the blowing popped paddy to Krsna) – from Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Prabhupada’s Upakhyan Upadesh; – Symptoms of having sambandha jñana: mamata and seva; – Meaning of sambandha; – Krsnanandaya: Guru rupa sakhi (all should learn the guru rupa sakhi pranama mantra); – Guru manifests many forms, and according to the mood of the disciple also (example of Babaji Maharaja in Jaiva Dharma); – How to reconcile that Baladeva Prabhu manifests as Ananga Manjari, but also that the nitya siddha manjaris are expansions of Srimati Radhika?

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28/12/2020pm – Glories of listening to hari-katha. Guru-nishtha – Brazil

– Why are we very weak in our spiritual life? (anarthas and the desire to enjoy); – Importance of listening hari-katha (only hari-katha remove the knots of our heart); – Guru-nistha and guru-bhakti; – Story of Giri, disciple of Sankaracharya; – High class disciples of Sankaracharya, they were mahajanas; – Who is a disciple? The one who surrendered to his guru; – We need to meditate on Gurupada-padma and chant gayatri mantras 3 times a day; – Everything is running behind you like a horse (money, intelligence, family…); – Bona fide guru will be very pleased if you listen hari-katha; – Who doesn’t want to listen to hari-katha? The butcher – Story of the sadhu who asks the Lord to go to Goloka Vrindavana and he attained Goloka Vrindavana by guru-nistha.

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28/12/20 – Morning Walk – Parakiya Bhava Explanation. One-pointedness to Gurudev – Brazil

– Yogamaya arranges marriages of gopis – Ardha-kukkuti philosophy: one receives Guru but rejects Vaishnavas or vice versa – Hita Hari, the disciple of Srila Gopala Bhatta Gosvami, disobeyed his Guru by taking panа prasadа on Ekadashi – You have to listen hari-katha from other Vaishnavas under the guidance of your Guru – Defeat between the disciples of Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura and Srila BS Sarasvati Prabhupada

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