-Sudarshana chakra will destroy all kinds of obstacles.
-Ambarisa Maharaj’s surrender & service to Lord with all his senses.
-How should we use our senses in Krishna’s service?
-Give up Mundane talk & speak only Krishna Katha.
-Story of a sadhu telling a prostitute to consider him as her son.
-Always remember the sweet pastimes of Divine couple Radha Krishna.
-Jagannatha , Baladev , Subhadra manifestation by listening to Krishna Katha spoken by Rohini devi to queens of Dwaraka.
-Ekadashi is the mother of suddha bhakti & how to follow it.
-Story of Durvasa Rishi & Ambarisa Maharaj.
-Offenses at lotus feet of vaishnavas are very dangerous.
-Mahaprabhu said to give respect to all living entities as Krishna resides in everyone & be one pointed to Guru & Krishna.
-Guru Bhakti is the backbone of our bhajan & sadhan.
-Different types of bhakti & topmost is swaroop siddha bhakti.
-Different definitions of bhakti.
-Bhakti means to serve & that servitial mood to be towards guru & Krishna.
-Baddha jiva cannot serve Krishna & can serve guru only.
-Only taking diksha isn’t enough & you have to be onepointed with Guru & Krishna.
-One who has Guru Nishta can deliver the whole universe.

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