Playlist - Mexico 2021

11/08/21am – Bhajana-rahasya – Mexico

-4 types of anarthas-Maya creates illusion and people think they are not soul but body-4 most prominent types of offences-Nama-aparadhas-Duskriti-utha anarthas, sukriti-utha anarthas, bhakti-utha anarthas, aparadha-uddha anartha-Story of a busy manager who denied to have darshana of Srila...

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10/08/21am – Bhajana-rahasya – Mexico

-Jata-rati sadhaka and ajata-rati sadhaka-Bhajan makes the impossible possible-Sadhaka-rupena, siddha-rupena-Serve your husband, wife, children, but your mind should be one-pointed to Krishna-Story of Narada Rishi being proud of his renunciation (clay pot and ghee lamp)-Grantha-bhagavata...

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09/08/21pm – Sadhu-sanga mahima – Mexico

-Life is successful with the momentary association of sadhu.-Prescribed methods in other yugas to attain perfection & attain Bhagavan.-Why Nama Sankirtan is prescribed in Kali yuga?-All potencies of Lord are invested in the holy name.-Holy Names are higher than Sri Hari.-No rules...

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08/08/21am – Bhajana-rahasya – Mexico

-Bhajana should be rahasya (secret)-Тhe shastras say to eat hidden from the view of others-Story of King Vikramaditya, his wife Bhanumati and Kalidas (how to identify a fool)-Jata-rati sadhaka and ajata-rati sadhaka-9 external and 3 internal symptoms of bhava-Bilvamangala Thakur and...

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07/08/21pm – Medicine for Maya – Mexico

-Rare gift of human life-If one fully surrenders to Guru and Krishna he will conquer maya-Sivaji chases after Mohini-devi-The story of how Krishna chastised Narada (by sending him for water), who thought he had conquered lust-Hare Krishna maha-mantra is a medicine for maya

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