-Mahaprabhu’s instructions to the Six Gosvamis
-The importance of awakening in brahma-muhurta
-If you want to be rich, get up at brahma-muhurta. Lakshmi-devi enters houses at that time
-Lila of Indra becoming a pig
-Guru is your real friend. He will chase behind you even in the hell and tell you: Go to Goloka Vrindavana
-Do not waste valuable brahma-muhurta time on taking a shower. Make an achaman and start repeating the maha-mantra and gayatri-mantras. You may take a shower later
-The Lord is everywhere, so when repeating the gayatri-mantras, it is not necessary to observe the direction by sitting in the north or east. It is enough to sit in front of the image of the Guru and the Lord.
-Before emptying the bladder or bowels, male devotees with a sacred cord should put it behind their right ear
-After emptying the bowels, you should wash your hands and feet
-Wash your hands and feet before you go to bed, so you don’t have bad dreams
-Please read ‘Jewels of the Heart’

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