-Everyone has to follow rules and regulations
-Do not be sahajiyas
-5 processes to practise bhakti
-What you like to eat, you should offer to Krishna and the Vaishnavas. Then the mercy of the Vaishnavа will come
-Nishthita-bhajana and anishthita-bhajana
-6 types of anishthita-bhajana: utsaha-mayi, ghana-tarala, vyudha-vikalpa, visaya-sangara, niyamakshama, taranga-rangini
-Kala-jada (time and weakness) chase us to marry
-Madhavendra Puri katha
-Always carry Madhurya-kadambini with you
-You have a lot of time just do not know how to manage it )
-The story of a man who had not read Bhagavad-gita, which was given to him by the Vaishnavas for 20 years, and then suddenly decided to read it and could not tear himself away, then became a devotee
-Karmis think that karma-kanda is a nectar whereas it is a poison
-Even the mere intention of a person to become Radhika’s servant finds an instant response from Lalita-sakhi


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