-The material world is the perverted reflection of the transcendental world
-Maya-devi is very powerful. Only the one who absolutely surrenders to the Lord can overcome maya
-Ke jabi, ke jabi
-The story of the duck who met the swan from Mana-sarovara
-Description of the transcendental Vrindavana
-Original Lakshmi-mayi Indira is Srimati Radharani
-Give up bodily conception, do not hesitate to go to Goloka Vrindavana
-Glorification of the devotees present
-Always be enthusiastic and always remember that Gurudeva is with you
-What it means to be a sat-sisya
-Guru is not a physical body. When he gives you guru-mantra, it means he will be always with you
-Nyasa, mudra, prapatti, sharanagati and atma-nivedanam
-The story of how the guru proved to the disciple that he is always with him (footprints in the sand)
-Vapu-seva and vani-seva; brihad-mridanga-seva
-Seva of Srila BV Svami Maharaja and Srila Gour Govinda Svami Maharaja
-The importance of faith in guru-vakya


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