-Everything is under the jurisdiction of time
-Gopis have so deep attachment for Krishna
-Krishna is Bhagavan, that’s why He cannot be one-pointed to some special devotee but He never neglects any of them
-Bhagavan is vishaya, bahu-nishtha, loyal to everyone, but a devotee is ashraya, eka-nishtha
-Ocean never calls the rivers, “Come with me”. They flow into it themselves
-Bhagavan is the Ocean, Devotees are the Rivers
-Madapana is possessiveness towards somebody. Example of a son who fell seriously ill in London
-Gopis provoke Krishna that He is not Bhagavan
-Glories of Giriraj Govardhan
-Waves of divine love flow everywhere in Vrindavan
-Gopis reproach Krishna during a meeting at Kurukshetra

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