Part 1

-Atma has sarira & will manifest by bhajan.Eg:Mango seed.
-About atma’s size & unlimited jivas.
-How many atmas are in a body & how the body works
-What is death? About Paramatma & atma on 2 branches of a tree.
-In subtle body atma is present in unconscious state.Eg:Coma person.
-Fruits of karma are experienced in the subtle body.
-Maya can’t touch atma. Eg:A cat caged in the middle of a box.
-How then Maya causes misery to jivas. Eg:Cooking dal in a vessel with fire.
-Atma commits suicide by entering into brahma.
-Atma svabhava is Krishna seva. Seva vrutti has to be awakened.
-This samsara is like the edge of a razor.
-To awake jivas Mahaprabhu gave strong medicine of harinama.
-In Kali yuga HariNaam is the only means.
-Do Hari Naam without aparadhas & with sambandha jnana.
-Guru gives us sambandha jnana.Eg:electric bulb taking power from power house
-Samskaras & Upavit is Ananta dev.
-About varnashrama dharma.
-Manava is one who follows acharya samhita.
-3 different types of birth for humans.
-All ashramas & varnas main goal is Bhagavath bhajan.
-Until prema is manifested we have to do HariNaam.
-Why should we chant again & again? Naam is sadhana & sadya.
-Naam has ananda & prema. Naam will dance on its own on the tongue.
-Suddha Naam will happen by sat sanga.
-All Bhagavath tattva jnana will manifest in the heart.
-Shikshastakam 1st verse discussion.
-Vyasadev catching Sukhadeva with the help of a hunter
-barhapidam nata-vara-vapuh karnayoh karnikaram sloka discussion
-Bhagavan is gunavan & guni also.
-Lila of Lord Vamanadev with Bali Maharaj,Sukracharya & Rathanavali’s desire to feed the Lord

Part 2

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