-Sudra from Dasrath Maharaj’s kingdom making a dead cow alive with Rama Naam & Janak Maharaj being surprised.
-Why Sirradhwaj Janak Maharaj hasn’t sent an invitation to Ayodhya for Sita devi’s svayamvara.
-Dasarath Maharaj & Ayodhya vasis chanting Rama Naam even before Lord’s appearance.
-Bhagavan’s names are eternal & nitya.
-Effect of chanting Krishna Naam on jivas.
-Meaning of makhan chor & about Padmaghanda gabi.
-Krishna steals the prema of vrajavais.
-Mahaprabhu is relishing prema & making the jivas to relish.
-From south Indian Ramayana the history of Lord Rama’s sandals
coming from Vaikunta after Naradaji’s curse to become trees & then becoming sandals.
-Bharatji taking the sandals to Lord Rama.
-Lord Rama’s sandals on throne & instructing Bharatji

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