-Aditi wants her sons back in swarga after Bali Maharaj conquers swarga.
-Lord Vamana dev appeared from Kashyapa & aditi.
-Diff b/w Bhagavan’s appearance & jivas birth, Lord’s form vs jiva’s body.
-How Chaitanya Mahaprabhu & Lord Vamana dev appeared?
-Whoever knows about Lord’s janma , karma as transcendental won’t be in the cycle of birth & death.
-Kaladhin vs Kalatheeth.
-Jiva’s next body decided before birth & how long he stays in it.
-Diff in reasons for karmi & bhakta to have a longer life.
-Jiva’s travels after death until next birth.
-About centennial celebration & bhakta always comes in nitya sarira.
-Devaki Vasudev’s bhagavath buddhi.
-Story of a poor boy by the name Panchanan in a village.
-Description of Lord Vamana’s appearance , His form & decorations on His body.
-About tithi on Lord Vamana’s avirbhava.
-Lord Vamana dev received respects & different gifts from devatas.
-Lord Vamana dev appears on Bali maharaj’s yagna place.
-Bali Maharaj receiving Lord Vamana dev.
-Bali Maharaj’s promise to Lord Vamana dev

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