-Call out to Krishna for mercy to be saved from lust,greed,envy,anger,jealousy.
-How jiva gets entangled by sense objects.
-Only by bhakti & not by karma,jnana,yoga senses will be under control.
-Jiva’s main duty is Bhagavath aradhana/Bhajan.
-Maya kicks jiva just like a female donkey with a male.
-Lila of Krishna killing Bakasura represents hypocrisy.
-5 things to learn from 5 animals to those wishing to learn.
-Take shelter of Vaishnavas & call out for their Mercy.
-Bakasura’s previous life.
-All kinds of cheating religion shouldn’t be taken shelter of & how harmful is to bhakti the desire for liberation.
-Sat sanga helps to acquire the right qualities.
-Krishna’s conversation with Barbarik & then with Pandavas & Barbarik.
-Without Krishna’s Kripa nothing happens.
-By guru & Bhagavan’s Kripa chitta will become nirmal.
-Story of a king with minister & lakes of stool & nectar.
-Hypocrisy types.
-About svabhishta bhava mayi sadhan & Laxmidevi being denied entry into rasa lila.
-Gopis sarira to enter into Krishna Lila & Dandakaranya Rshis with Lord Rama.
-Bhava sambandhi & importance of mantras.
-About Svabhista bhava anukula,Svabhishta bhava aviruddha,Svabhishta bhava viruddha

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