-Srila Gurudev is with us but not physically. -Tears come from Srila Gurudev when he hears Kirtan. -Reminiscence of days with Srila Gurudev in this house. -2 types of Bhagavata 1.Grantha Bhagavata 2.Bhakta Bhagavata. -Bhakta Bhagavata is jivanta Bhagavata. -In Bhagavatam Krishna Charitra is less in comparison to Bhakta Charitra.Even Bhagavan also goes after devotees. -In Seva-kunja Krishna does service of Srimati Radhika. -Meaning of Govinda nama given by Indra to Krishna. -First take shelter of Dhruva Maharaj & then Prahlad Maharaj who submitted himself to Bhagavan completely. -Guru Nishtha has to be there. -Vrajavasis say that you can leave cows, mother, brother etc but not Krishna. -Samsara is dukhalayam & asasvatam & anityam. -About Ambarisha Maharaj & significance of hands for Krishna Seva. -Speciality of Srila Gurudev is that in the end he speaks about gopis. -Srila Gurudev is rasika-acharya & describes beautiful Krishna Lila. -Krishna’s Lila of blowing Vamsi, applying kajal to gopis eyes & ajnok village. Krishna’s signs where to meet like Kesava Kunja & Haritha Kunja. -For 60 years Srila Gurudev did Bhajan in Mathura. -Srila Gurudev is Yuga Acharya & expert in tattva siddhanta. -Shishya’s duty is to preach glories of Gurudev. -Like Bhagavata saptaha we shall have Guru saptaha.

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