-To please Bhagavan is human’s duty or dharma. -Srila Prabhupada said bhakti is the only means to attain Bhagavan. -Worship (aradhana) of Bhagavan has to be there along with following varnashrama dharma. sarva-dharmān parityajya mām ekaṁ śharaṇaṁ vraja sloka. -Until one doesn’t get qualified one shouldn’t give up varnashrama dharma. -Svarupa-anubhandi-vritti will manifest at the required time & one will leave naturally. -Seed has potency to be tree & by favourable environment tree comes out giving fruits. So is the case with jiva. -Favourable environment is taking shelter of sad guru & doing service. -Fortunate ones get the bhakti lata bija (Krishna Seva Vasana). -Baddha jiva has Maya seva vasana & Krishna Seva vasana is awakened by Guru. -About sadhana bhakti, Guru Kripa, Bhagavat Kripa to awaken svarupa-anubhandi-vritti. -Obstacles in Svarupa-anubhandi-vritti are Deha avesa (bodily conception) & sambhanda jnana abhava (lack of sambhanda jnana). -Sambandha Jnana Pradata is Guru & degree of Bhajana depends upon sambandha jnana. -About Vaidhi Bhakti & Raga Bhakti. -About Marriage in Vedic Culture vs Modern days. Different ages as per academic history books & society not accepting Vedic Culture. -About Shraddha & its 2 types Laukika & Paramarthika shraddha. Eg of Haridas Thakur for atyantika shraddha. -Joke about teacher saying to student to get a degree, but the student says got degree from thermometer. -Guru Mantra only gives sambandha jnana & then actual service starts. -Hear from Gurudev’s lotus mouth to be fixed in determination & svarupai-vritti will awaken to the degree of one’s hearing. -By Guru Kripa & Hari Katha from sad guru only can we know about previous acharyas vichar & realise them. -About Tulasi Devi maintenance in foreign & offering of Tulasi to Krishna. -You can cheat anyone but not Bhagavan.

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