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03/09/22am – Lalita-saptami (English) – Malaysia

-Today is Lalita-saptami and tomorrow is Radhashtami
-Types of sakhis
-Srimati Radhika manifests many forms to make Krishna happy
-Lalita-devi is an expert in tambula-seva
-Lalita-sakhi is the eldest sakhi of Si Radha and the prominent sakhi among ashta-sakhis
-Lalita-devi is prakara, very talkative
-Her bodily complexion is of gorochana colour. There are peacocks on her dress
-Lalita-devi’s family members
-The gopis meet Shiva and kick him out from the rasa dance
-Sri Radha’s feet are as soft as a newborn baby’s (ratul-charana), so Lalita-devi teaches Her to walk gently on the paths of Vrindavana
-Lalita-devi teaches Srimati Radharani to be firm in Her anger towards Krishna
-Lalita is the president of all sakhis. The names of her assistant sakhis
-Srimati Radhika has 25 qualifications
-Sri Radha ask Her sakhis to use Her body in krishna-seva after Her death

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02/09/22pm – Krishna in Vrindavana (English) – Malaysia

-Ete camsa kalah pumsah sloka discussion
-The trees of Vrindavana meet Govinda
-The birds of Vrindavana are not ordinary birds
-The creepers dance for Krishna
-In Vrindavana all plants are grihasthas
-Shuddha bhakata charana renu bhajana
-The deers run after Krishna
-Vrishabhanu-nandini Srimati Radhika never leaves Vrindavana and Krishna
-Radha-kunda is the topmost place of Vrindavana
-Gopala-mantra is mantra-raja, it’s very powerful
-Always stay in Vrindavana. If you cannot stay there physically, then stay there in your mind
-5 siddhis
-You are not this body, you are the eternal servant of Krishna
-The glories of sadhu-sanga and nama-sankirtana
-Buy krishna-prema from a rasika-vaishnava by paying with your greed for listening to krishna-katha
-Garga-samhita explains why Radha is called Radha

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01/09/22pm – Radha, Krishna and Gaurasundara (English) – Malaysia

-Radhika’s name is Radha because She can fulfil all Krishna’s desires
-Gautamiya-tantra: transcendental goddess Srimati Radhika is a direct counterpart of Lord Sri Krishna
-Krishna is called Radha-ramana as He is always playing with Srimati Radhika
-Without many consorts rasa is not stimulated so Sri Radha manifests many gopis and thus fulfils all Krishna’s desires
-Without separation meeting will not be increased (Comparison with a piece of cloth dipped in a pot of saffron dye)
-Radha’s name is derived from the word ‘aradhana’
-Radha tells Krishna in the guise of Devangana of Her love for Him
-Krishna is very happy to hear harsh words from His gopis
-Types of the gopis
-The definition of ‘sadhu-sanga’
-Anaradhya radha padambhoja-renum sloka discussion
-Types of mana; the topmost mana is lalita-mana
-Radha and Krishna’s expansions
-Radharani meets the black bee (Bhramara-gita)
-Divya-unmada of Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu
-Lila of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu submerging in the ocean

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