• “Hunger and anger, two brothers”. – Laughter.
  • A house in which the Vaisnava does not go is like the mouse hole that a snake has killed and taken over. And, the house where the Vaisnava goes is called Goloka Vrndavana.
  • Music: Suddha Bhakata.
  • The house where you have an altar, photographs of Guru Parampara is called Goloka Vrndavana! In such a house, only Ananta Sesa snake comes! — Cheers.
  • Saints go to places of pilgrimage to purify the sinful activities that people leave there.
  • Srila Gurudeva came to France.
  • Guru-nistha is the backbone of our life. Without Guru-nistha everything is useless.
  • Srila Gurudeva and the devotees.
  • Mahaprabhu and the devotees.
  • Love and affection between devotees and Srila Gurudeva.


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