• Jnanis want to merge with Brahman’s effulgence, and yogis want to merge with Paramatma. But devotees want to relate to Bhagavan.
  • There are devotees who are inclined towards aisvarya and those who are inclined towards madhurya.
  • The Vrajavasis do not believe that Krishna is Bhagavan.
  • Devaki and Vasudeva see Krsna as Bhagavan.
  • Nanda and Yasoda see Krsna only as their beloved son.
    -The Lord is one, but He has innumerable powers.
  • About Vyasadeva and Ganesha.
  • Sanskrit words have many synonyms, for example there is the verse Atmarama for which Mahaprabhu gave 18 definitions and then 64 more definitions.
  • On the meaning of bathing in the holy river in the month of Magha, and bathing with another man’s wife.
  • Bhagavan has acintya-sakti. Three of them are: cit-sakti, jiva-sakti and maya-sakti.
  • The power of the mantra and the importance of believing in the mantra.
  • Even in this world there are inconceivable mystical powers, like some medicinal plants, so what is the difficulty in accepting that Bhagavan has acintya-sakti (inconceivable power)?
  • Sloka:
    ārādhito yadi haris tapasā tataḥ kiṁ
    nārādhito yadi haris tapasā tataḥ kiṁ
    antar bahir yadi haris tapasā tataḥ kiṁ
    nāntar bahir yadi haris tapasā tataḥ kim
  • Krsna is non-dual.
  • Rasa-siddhanta and tattva-siddhanta.
  • There is no difference between sakti and saktiman. Example of nails and hair.
  • On the relationship between Bhagavan and Maya. Example of the spider and its web.
  • Bhagavan is beyond the tiny intelligence of the human brain.
  • Mahaprabhu taught about achintya-bhedabheda-tattva.
  • Madhvacarya shows the difference between Bhagavan, jiva and maya. Between jiva and jiva; between jiva and maya; jiva and inert matter; inert matter and inert matter.
  • The jiva is infinitesimal and also has potency.
  • Krsna manifests His universal form to Arjuna and Mother Yasoda, but each had a completely different reaction.
  • Krsna’s lila of eating the earth.
  • The qualities of a true sadhu.


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