• Gopa-kumara tells Mathura Brahmana how he came from Goloka Vrindavana.
  • Sadhaka believes everything belongs to God.
  • Lord Ramachandra was tired of His duties and offered everything to Vasishtha Rishi. Vasishtha Rishi accepted everything and asked Rama to continue to maintain everything as Vasishtha Rishi’s property.
  • Ishavasyam idam sarvam – learn this shloka.
  • God does not give you money because He knows you will misuse it.
  • Narada Rishi glorifies the fortune of Yudhishthira Maharaja as Lord Krishna Himself stays in the house of the Pandavas and solves their problems.
  • No more vigraha, but galagraha: In the beginning the devotees serve the deity zealously, but later they cannot endure the service and see it as a burden.
  • When the Deity is not served appropriately, He gets angry.
  • Gopa-kumara in Ananta Padmanabha and Jagannatha temples.
  • Lord Jagannatha placed Ramanujacharya in the temple of Lord Shiva (Kurma devata) for disturbing the worship of the brahmanas in the temple of Lord Jagannatha.
  • Why Westerners are not allowed to enter the Jagannatha temple (attempts to destroy and steal from the temple).
  • Even Indira Gandhi, who married a Muslim man, could not enter the Jagannatha temple, what to say about others.
  • Gopa-kumara’s second meeting with his Guru.
  • Two reasons why the mind of the king of Jagannatha Puri, Gopa-kumara, was disturbed.
  • Uddipanas (stimuli) of uttama-mahabhagavatas.
  • Purna, purnatara and purnatama dhamas of the Lord.
  • Gopa-kumara’s Guru, Jayanta is Vishnu Himself.


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