-Gopa-kumara meets his Gurudeva after a long separation
-The feeling of meeting after separation (example of a widow whose son died and then turned out to be alive)
-When Gopa-kumarа looked at Jagannatha, he saw him as his Gurudevа
-Thakuraji takes all your preparations if you have bhakti
-Never forget to offer the Tulasi leaf along with food to the deity
-Vaishnava attitudes towards military conflicts
-Puranjana and Puranjani
-Jivera svarupa haya sloka discussion
-The two symptoms of deep anuraga: you are never satisfied with darshana
-The face of Jagannatha is so fresh
-Jagannatha maha-prasada must be taken immediately except for Ekadashi days
-The smiling face and teeth of the ocean at Jagannatha Puri
-All we belong to Acyuta-gotra
-The name Christ originates from Krishna
-The Bible says that God is our father and Jesus Christ is His son
-Gopa-kumara becomes the king of Jagannatha Puri
-Mahaprabhu’s uddipanas in Jagannatha Puri
-The description of Svarga-loka
-Gopa-kumara arrives at Svarga-loka
-The description of planetary systems
-The different roles of God


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