-Purna (complete), purnatara (more complete) and purnatama-dhamas (most complete) of Krishna
-The beauty and skillfulness of the queens of Dvaraka
-Krishna has so many family members in Dvaraka that every day is someone’s birthday there, while in Vaikuntha there are only two birthdays, Narayana’s and Lakshmi’s))
-On Vaikuntha, life is dry and unhappy. There, loving quarrels do not even come up
-Lila of Krishna’s joke on Rukmini
-The humorous story of how the husband kept waiting for his wife to tell him something she had never said
-Everybody likes Lakshmi (money), but no one likes Narayana ))
-When Hindus have daughters, they call them Lakshmi, and when they have sons, no one calls them Narayana ))
-Krishna deva bhavantam vande
-Gambhira is the deep mood of Srimati Radhika


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