-Recollections of when Paramа-Gurudevа was here
-People ask me why I do Bhagavata-saptahа for only seven days, and I say, well, because there are no more days in the week ))
-The vision of uttama-bhagavata
-The glories of Giriraja Govadrhana
-3 Haridasas
-The viraha (separation) of Mahapabhu
-The Vrajavasis are always moving from one place to another
-Govinda, Damodara, Madhaveti
-Maya-devi punishes baddha-jivas as they forget about Krishna, but the Vrajavasis are beyond maya
-Vrajendra-nandana Sri Krishna never goes one step out of Vraja and neither does Vrishabhanu-nandini Srimati Radhika. Only Their expansions leave Vraja
-Purna, purnatara and purnatama dhamas of Krishna
-Parakiya-bhava is the highest transcendental mood
-Jhula-jhule Radha-Damodara
-All rasas are included in madhurya-rasa
-SB 10.33.39
-Sambandhatmika-bhakti and kamatmika-bhakti
-Krishna’s lilas after Kamsa’s death
-The meaning of the word Dvaraka
-Krishna’s pain of separation in Dvaraka
-The lila on how Krishna presented the parijata tree to Satyabhama (in brief)


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