• The diksha mantras are very powerful.
  • Dhruva Maharaja received diksha from a great devotee and after six months he received darshana from Lord Visnu.
  • You are not having darsana of Lord Vishnu because one has to chant his mantras with firm faith.
  • The imperfect pronunciation of the mantra is not a problem, a father loves to hear his baby’s babbling words.
  • The word mantra means: man = mind, and, tra = protect. Chant the mantras with simple faith, not crooked, not cunning.
  • Practice sadhana and bhajana in a simple way, the potency of the mantra is independent of knowing the meaning of the mantra.
  • Sanatana Gosvami tells the story of Gopa Kumara, he was illiterate, a simple gopa (cowherd boy).
  • Mercy comes in three ways: hardik = from the Guru’s heart to the pure and sincere heart of the disciple; vacik = through the words of the Guru; aloka-dana = through the eyes of the Guru.
    -Gurudeva’s harikatha enters through your ears, goes to your heart and cleans out everything that is undesirable. This is called shabda-brahma, the sadhu’s harikatha is not different from Krsna.
  • The Guru of Gopa Kumara is called Jayanta. He asked Gopa Kumara for milk to encourage and nurture love, give and take.
  • Sri Gurudeva explains the fourth verse of Sri Upadesamrta: dadati pratigrihnati
  • The Guru is very smart about how to create sukrti in the disciple’s heart. When the sukrti is ripe and accumulated, the disciple begins to develop his spiritual life.
  • Serving the Guru with intimacy is called “vishrambhena”.
  • Guru Jayanta gave the six-syllable gopal-mantra to Gopa Kumara, which we currently chant has eighteen syllables.
  • As soon as Guru Jayanta initiated Gopa Kumara into the gopal-mantra, he fell down in a faint and did not explain the rules of how to chant. Then Gopa Kumara went to fetch water for him, but on his return his Guru was gone.
  • The ending of this harikatamrta is especially touching!
  • Four types of heroes: dhirodatta, dhira-lalita, dhira-santa and dhiroddhata.
  • Eight types of heroines: abhisarika, vasaka-sajja, utkhanthita, khandita, vipralabdha, kalahantarita, prosita-bhartrika and svadhina-bhartrika.


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