• Without speaking harikatha, our tongue is never purified.
  • When Sri Abhirama Thakura bowed to a false salagram-sila, it exploded.
  • Lila about when Mahaprabhu went to the bathroom, holding His tongue, and the boy Gopal came to instruct Him.
  • Shikshastaka 2
  • The Maha-mantra, unlike other mantras, is not regulated by rules.
  • Without tilaka on the forehead when chanting the mantras, one does not receive the blessings of the mantra and goes to hell.
  • Mahaprabhu’s lila with the tiger.
  • Mahaprabhu names the boy Gopal as Gopal-guru.
  • Mahaprabhu protects Gopal-guru from Abhirama Thakura’s test.
  • The glories of Siksastakam.
  • Six stages of anishthita-bhajan:
  1. False confidence (utsaha mayi);
  2. Sporadic effort (ghana-tarala);
  3. Indecision (vyudha vikalpa);
  4. Struggle with the senses (vishaya sangara);
  5. Inability to keep vows (niyamakshama);
  6. Taking advantage of the opportunities offered by bhakti (taranga rangini).
  • Prahlada Maharaja talking to his asura father
  • Practise pure devotional service:
  • Follow the stages of bhakti:
  1. sraddha: faith;
  2. sadhu-sanga: association with devotees;
  3. bhajana-kriya: performing devotional service;
  4. anartha nivrtti: reduction of undesirable attachments;
  5. nistha: firmness;
  6. ruci: taste;
  7. asakti: attachment;
  8. bhava: love;
  9. prema: pure love for Krsna.
  • Mahaprabhu in Gambhira in Radharani’s mood of separation.
  • Where Radha is, Krsna is and vice versa, there is no difference between sakti and saktiman.
  • Chant the holy names and learn the third verse of Siksastakam.


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