• Today is a special day because it initiates Keshava-vrata and continuous watering of Tulasi.
  • About the special importance of a few months.
  • There are many potencies of Krsna, but three are very important: cit-sakti, maya-sakti and jiva-sakti. And other calls: samvit (knowledge – ruling Deity is Krsna), sandhini (existence – ruling Deity is Baladeva), and, hladini (pleasure – ruling Deity is Radha).
  • There are many kinds of ananda (bliss) in this world.
  • Difference between brahma-ananda and prema-ananda.
  • Krsna is called Kesava.
  • You can’t separate heat from fire. Nor is Radha separated from Krsna, sakti from saktiman.
  • When Krsna decorates Srimati Radhika’s hair with flowers, He is called dhira-lalita-nayaka and Radha is called svadhina-bhartrka-nayika because She gives orders to Him.
  • Kavi Karnapura and the Gita Govinda by Jayadeva Gosvami.
  • The difference between the books Ujjvala-nilamani and Bhakti-rasamrta-sindhu by Rupa Gosvami.
  • Those who are rasikas are absorbed in srngara-rasa.
  • The beautiful song Dhira Samire Yamuna Tire from the Gita Govinda, extremely confidential matter.
  • The disapproval of some Vaisnavas of Srila Gurudeva Narayana Gosvami Maharaja for translating the Gita Govinda into English, as this grantha is very, very difficult to understand in this world.
  • Badhha-jivas have a tendency to run after sense gratification, but if they listen to this katha with firm faith and surrender, they benefit.
  • Only Krsna Nanda-nandana, dhira-lalita-nayaka performs rasa-lila.
  • The nine stages of sadhana-bhakti:
  1. sraddha: faith.
  2. sadhu-sanga: association with the sadhu.
  3. bhajana-kriya: performance of devotional service.
  4. anartha nivrtti: purification of sins.
  5. nistha: firmness.
  6. ruci: taste.
  7. asakti: attachment.
  8. bhava: love.
  9. prema: pure love for Krsna.
  • About the story of Saubhari Rsi who abandons his austerity to marry the fifty daughters of King Mandhata.
  • About Radha manifesting mana in the rasa dance.
  • The difference of saradiya-rasa-lila (autumn) and vasanti-rasa-lila (spring).
  • Hearing about this katha makes all lust and anger disappear from the heart.
  • Just like in the story of the man who tried to stretch the dog’s tail, the austerities of yoga do not purify the heart.
  • Siva’s lila and Visnu’s Mohini-rupa.
  • Listen to this katha under the guidance of a Guru and with unshakable faith.
  • Lord Jagannatha only sleeps after listening to the entire Gita Govinda.
  • Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s lila running after the girl who was chanting the Gita Govinda.


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