-There are several holy places that one should visit, but none of them gives the bliss that is in Vrindavana. The nature of the soul is to attain the bliss of Vrindavana.
-About Sanatana Gosvami’s Brihad-bhagavatamrita.
-The story of two brothers doing bhajana at Radha-kunda.
-Be careful, if Rukmini-devi makes a stamp on your body, Sri Radha will not accept you.
-Vrindavana is where the saints are, and they manifest Vrindavana in their hearts through hari-katha.
-The sound of Krishna’s flute makes everyone dance.
-The rasa dance continues to this day. But no one stays in Nidhuvana or Nikunjavana, the pujari serves the deity and after 9 p.m. he leaves, not even the monkeys stay there. Those who don’t believe and stay hidden at night wake up mad or dead.


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