-Vaidhi-bhakti and raganuga-bhakti.
-Raganuga-bhakti is practised when one has samskaras from other lives.
-The spontaneous mood that is at the heart of the Vrajavasis is known as raganuga-bhakti.
-On the days of Ekadashi, all kinds of sins fall into the five kinds of grains… If you need to eat, you can eat fruit.
-Whoever comes to me, I never let him go empty-handed.
-Prasada is nirguna, but, we should not honour grain prasada on Ekadashi because that is the scriptural rule and we have to follow it.
-Except Tulasi leaf, no leaf can be eaten on Ekadashi. And if you do nirjala-ekadashi, even Tulasi leaf cannot be eaten.
-One who follows the rules in a speculative or whimsical way, only creates disturbance in society.
-You have to follow the rules and listen to hari-katha, then gradually the feeling of the Vrajavasis will arise and then you manage to enter raga-marga.
-64 angas of bhakti… take shelter at the lotus feet of Sri Guru, receive diksha and shiksha, and serve the spiritual master.
-One cannot enter the path of bhakti without a Guru.
-Story of Dhruva Maharaja.
-4 sampradayas: Sri (from Laksmi-devi), Brahma (from Brahma), Rudra (from Shiva), and Sanaka (from the Four Kumaras).
-The mantra that one receives from a mayavada-sampradaya does not bear fruit. And then there are those gurus who say you don’t need any sampradaya.
-In the Padma Purana it is clearly stated: “vihina ye mantras te nisphala matah…” — “there are four sampradayas or disciplic succession, they are called: Brahma-sampradaya (original guru Madhuacarya), Rudra-sampradaya (original guru Vishnu Svami), Sri Sampradaya (original guru Ramanuja) and Kumara-sampradaya (original guru Nimbaditya). These Sampradayas are purifying the planet Earth.”
-What it takes to open a university.
-Our sampradaya is Sri Brahma-madhva-gaudiya Sampradaya.
-The beautiful story of Shyamananda Prabhu.
-Five names of Srimati Radhika that we should remember: Devi, Krishna-mayi, Radhika, Paradevata and Krishna.
-Different types of tilaka.
-We must place God sitting in the temple of our body.
-The half-chicken logic.
-Story of the man who dug up a mountain and in the end found only a mouse. Doing karma is like that.



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